How can you simply contribute to environmental protection?


Simply step toward Environmental Protecion.

DAILY CURIOSITY about our environment.

I learned something in marital art. If you make tiny changes during a long period you can achieve huge impact.

This is the same with our environment in my opinion.

A few years ago I started to pick up on piece of trash every day.

It seems really small action and it does not change the environment dramatically.
We can have dramatic impact if this habit is copied.

Imagine this, you pick up a piece of trash each day and throw to the trash can. Just like me.
Then you tell it to your friends.
They start this tiny steps everyday.
And your friends tell to their acquaintances. And it spreads through the whole world.


Just one piece a day!

If everyone picks up a piece of trash a day that means seven billion pieces a day.

Do you think if it could have a dramatic impact on our environment?
And it all started with an itsy bitsy small action.

Take a picture about the location before and after. Post it on your social media site.



Small steps can make a huge impact long term.


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