Do you really have to follow the recipe?


Which spaetzle is the real spaetzle?

DAILY CURIOSITY – or in which case spaetzle is spaetzle?

Most of cook books draws attention that it’s very important to follow the recipe.

I was really curious so I made my research.

I browsed a few website about cooking and made a summary about spaetzle recipes.

They were really consistent regarding two ingredients. It turned out that flour and egg are necessary to create a great spaetzle. Water appears in most recipe but in one case they use milk. A pinch of salt is a frequent material as well.

If you have a glance on the chart you can see that flour per egg ratio alters in a very wide range.

We can be puzzled in case of liquid per flour-egg mix unit as well. (When recipe mentions “a quantity as required” or “until it becomes easily mixable” I calculated with an average.)


There is no any consistency in the recipes!


OK Kolos, what’s the meaning?

The meaning is that I couldn’t find two identical recipe that describes the same flour-egg-liquid ratio.

How you can follow the recipe strictly if there are no two identical recipe? Which one is that we have to follow? If there is one perfect recipe that means all others are weak parodies.

OK Kolos, still what’s the meaning?

I think all recipes work. The persons who described them they all tested them. Obviously the spaetzles won’t be the same..

My conclusion based on this research is this:
You have quite big freedom when you cook. And  YOU DON’T HAVE TO STRICTLY FOLLOW THE RECIPE!


Perhaps the whole research drove to nowhere because I collected 13 recipes! 🙂


Pay attention on the spaetzle and not on the recipe!

Magyar változat itt>>


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