What do you LIKE?


Different types of posts – same emotion?

DAILY CURIOSITY about LIKES that’s hard to handle.

There are posts in the social media which are very personal.
Baby born, wedding, promotion or a successful exam. Common pictures with a relative or with a friend.

I understand why we LIKE these.

There are posts which are about person(ality) but not directly.

An interesting story we witnessed. Or share an issue about our political view. We make a video that we like more public. A song we recommend for some reasons.

In this case I understand again why we click on LIKE.

Let’s look a little bit about the other side.

There are writings and photos which are about tragic happenings.
Stealing, robbery, attacks, mass crash. And there are personal posts as well. Serious illness of a relative. Family death.

In these cases I don’t really understand LIKEs.
Obviously they want to give sympathy or condolence. Still it’s weird to me.

Like means something else to me.

Is it possible that they like when such a thing happen?
Maybe they haven’t discovered that there are other emotional icons as well.

Perhaps it’s just all about technology. More and more people use their mobile for everyday browsing. I don’t know very well all the operational systems. It can occur that in some mobile it’s too complicated or even impossible to chose an other icon.


Is it the technology that gives the LIKE?

Anyhow I think it’s worth to think about.
About what we give an opinion? Even if it seems so innocent like a LIKE?

What do you LIKE?


What do you LIKE and why?


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