Even the the professional presenters struggle with THIS – an important experience from a conference


Even professional presenters struggle with THIS…

I attended a fantastic conference nowadays. The topic was selling. Great presenters, outstanding organization, great performance.


As I saw there was a challenge most of the presenters struggled with. Seven acknowledged, noted, successful professionals, trainers kept presentations. Out of seven there were only two who managed this challenge. All others fell in the trap.

My Memorable Presentation trainings (Green Belt and Black Belt) start with a short presentation. Attendances show their current level in their presentation skill. It’s important for me to understand what is their approach to presentations.

They get relatively short time. Usually they can’t keep it. The reason is simple. Presenters in the conference struggled with this as well.

The presenter try to tell EEEEEVERYTHING. Usually the time they get is not enough.

‘But Kolos I have to tell everything!’



When you pour everything onto your audience…

OK, look what happens when presenter say EEEEEVERYTHING.

Human mind is capable of consume a certain amount of information at once. If EEEEEVERYTHING is poured in it only a small part can get in.

Imagine a bottle. There is a funnel placed in it. You start to hail water.
What happens? The funnel lets only a certain amount of water through itself. The rest goes around. Just like our mind.


It’s much better if you show less but you show it very well.

The best presentation in the conference – based on my opinion – dealt only with one topic. It had only a single, very clear message. The presenter highlighted from different angles.

This message went into the minds. We’ll remember this message.

Resist the temptation! Keep it in mind: if you want to fill the bottle you have to pour an amount that can go through the funnel!


Deliver only one message during your presentation!


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