Are we really logical beings?


How much logic we have?

DAILY CURIOSITY about logical thinking. Many time I hear and read that human species is a conscious, thoughtful, logical creation.

Are we really logical beings?

I recognized an interesting phenomenon at the beginning of May.

There was quite a harsh weather. Strongly cloudy and about 11 Celsius  degree. Logic says we should wear shoes, long trousers, shirt and sleeves. The phenomenon I found: people in shorts and sandals.


I don’t care clouds! I want my shorts!

There are a lot of people who do not care the thermometer but the calendar.

‘Hey, this is May get the shorts! It’s may give me my sandals!’

Actually this is a sort of logic as well. I check the calendar and set my clothe based on the date. Interestingly these people do not wear fur in the winter if it is 15 Celsius outside and it’s clear. Calendar does not matter anymore but the comfort feeling. OK then there is no logic.

This phenomenon confirms that sometimes we act consciously in other cases we act based on our instincts.

There is no any problem with it. I have my own conscious and instictive actions as well. Only the assertion is excessive that we are logical beings.


I’m logical being. What? I don’t care the thermometer, I want my shorts. Hey man, this is May!


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