How much Y and Z generation are totally different?


How much they differ?

DAILY CURIOSITY about Y and Z generation. Modern youngsters are already totally different as we were back then. OK, how much different?


I started to think about this phenomenon. What is in it? One of the most mentioned difference: they succeed much easier in the digital world. OK, when I was young there was no such thing as digital world. Though my grandma asked me to set the TV. Interesting isn’t it? Maybe in my time we were the technical wonder virtuoso? Isn’t it possible that the only difference was the amount of technical wonder?

As I see:
In every era youngsters want to break out.
In every era youngsters succeed much easier with new technology.
In every era they say youngsters don’t want to work.

I can see only one difference. There is an other name for the phenomenon.

Back then they said: These modern youngsters!
Today we give a name: Y generation, Z generation.

My conclusion is this: there is no wonder era. There is no wonder generation. But phenomenon is given: Name something and it gets importance.



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