How does a keychain start a day?


The very important keychain!

DAILY CURIOSITY on a Monday morning. Once we were walking with my girlfriend beside a parking lot. We noticed a loud argument.

‘How could you left the keychain at home? – shouted the wife.
‘Let me in peace’ – shouted back the husband.
‘You always do this! Anyhow do not shout on me!’

We had a glance on each other and quickly moved away. That evening we had a conversation about this case.

How could be their day after such a start? Maybe they were grouching all day because that very important keychain.
Why was that keychain so important? Maybe the wife was waiting for a kidney transplant and the cooler key was on the chain? Or they wanted to pay their travel around the world in cash and husband left bank safe key at home?

Anyhow we came to the conclusion we do not have any key knot in our life that is worth this.

We pay attention do not let unimportant things to cause a bad day. Neither to have impact on our relationship.


Never let a keychain to make your day bad!


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