Are we really logical beings?


How much logic we have?

DAILY CURIOSITY about logical thinking. Many time I hear and read that human species is a conscious, thoughtful, logical creation.

Are we really logical beings?

I recognized an interesting phenomenon at the beginning of May. Continue reading


Hogyan legyél sikeres a prezentációdban a legrövidebb időn belül?

Ha valaki azt mondja Neked, hogy gyere el a tréningünkre és profi előadó leszel, akkor tudnod kell, hogy bepaliznak! A vágyadra hajtanak, és annak megfelelő ígéretet tesznek. Egy olyan ígéretet, amit nem lehet teljesíteni.
Legyél tisztában azzal, hogy egy tréning alatt nem válhatsz profivá. Megtanulhatod, hogy mit kell csinálnod ahhoz, hogy profi előadó legyél. Ebben biztos jó lesz a tréning. Be is gyakorolhatsz néhány fontos elemet. De profi majd akkor leszel, ha sokat gyakorolsz és sokat prezentálsz.

Van azonban egy terület, ami gyorsan hoz sikert a prezentációdban. Continue reading

5 important areas where many people stuck and must be developed

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felmeresgrey_rsBased on my personal efficiency survey there are areas where people are on the bright side. They can manage there challenges better.
There are areas where people have more issues which is the dark side.

In this post I wrote about 5 important areas which are mixed. There are people who walk on the bright side however there are many who stuck on the dark side.

Because in the school – at least in Hungary – they still don’t teach how to be effective most of the people do not recognize the importance of these areas. The goal of this survey was to figure out what are the main topics we have to talk more about. Continue reading

How to be successful in your presentations in the shortest time?

I’m Hungarian so English is my second language. I do my best with translation. lease take this into consideration. Please concentrate on the contect instead of grammar. Thank you!


If a training company tells you to come our training and you’ll be a professional presenter then you can know they try to scam you. They push your wish button. They give you a promise you crave for and what is impossible to keep. Why?

They can teach you what you have to do. Probably you will make good exercises as well. If you believe it’s enough you here it is the truth:  if you want to become a professional presenter you have to practice a lot. I mean really a lot! Practice what they taught you.

There is an area however that can bring you quick success.

I know because that was the first I’d changed. After I used this different approach many of my colleagues, bosses, partners came to me and congratulated for my great presentation.

‘At last there was a presentation that was meaningful!’ they said.

As I see trainings and presenters still do not pay enough attention to this area.
On the contrary. They do a lot of mistakes, finally they destroy their performance. Continue reading

Az első blog poszt – My first blog post

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Azért hoztam létre ezt a blog oldalt, hogy a két nagy szenvedélyemmel kapcsolatban szakmai bejegyzéseket tegyek közzé.

Ez a két téma a személyes hatékonyság és a prezentációs készségek.


English version

I’m Hungarian so English is my second language. I constantly develop it but it’s not perfect. Please take this into consideration and please concentrate on the content instead of grammar. – Thank you!

I created this blog site to post articles regarding my two passions.

These two topics are personal efficiency and presentation skills.